Who we are...

Prestige Photography is a new company, recently established by Ryan Dawson in 2017. With over 10 years experience in the photographic industry and a wealth of knowledge, combined with my unique styles I'm certain that my service won't be beaten.  I'm always thinking outside the box to create photographs that nobody else can replicate and ensuring that I deliver a first class service that exceeds your expectations.

I pride myself on running a modern company with old fashioned values. I believe that having your photograph taken is far more than just a click of a button, it is an experience that you will think back to every time you see that photograph, and I want contribute to your day and provide you with photographic mementos that last a lifetime.

How it all began...

In my early years, I often went out taking photos with my father who was a professional photographer at the time, he initially sparked my love for photography and inspired me to pursue photography as a career. a couple of years later I would accompany my father on jobs.

At first I was just helping to carry equipment. Then he started to teach me the basics of photography, we would go out together takings photos, he gradually taught me how the camera works and how to operate it. Once I was comfortable operating the camera and I was starting to take some nice pictures, I was then shown the world of photo editing. Years down the line with plenty of practice, trial and error, my camera and editing skills had finally gotten to a 'semi-professional' standard. By this point I would also be helping my father a lot more on jobs, getting more involved by second shooting weddings & ceremonies, sporting events and more.

The next step...

This is when I decided I would start taking on some small jobs for myself. At first taking any work I could get, doing jobs for free just for the experience and to add to my portfolio. Then once I was able to demonstrate my skill set and my work, I finally arrived at a point where I could start charging. 


My first professional job was when I got hired by a nightclub taking photos every weekend for their social media accounts, I started getting contacted more asking about my services and soon other jobs started to roll in, from photo shoots to professional head shots and more.


 A little later down the line I started graduation photography for a number of universities around the UK. Eventually I became one of the official photographers for Oxford university.

What we do...

Prestige Photography offers a wide variety of services, from family photo shoots to corporate events, weddings to new born portraits and everything in between. We use all the latest equipment, software and offer digital design services, including; logo design, graphic design, digital marketing material and website design.

If there is a specific service that you require that isn't mentioned on the website, please give us a call or send us an email and I'll get back to you.



Going "Pro"...

I decided to take my photography to the next level and go full time as a free lance photographer, of course this came with it's risks and challenges, however with the vast experience I had gained over the prior ten years, my passion for the industry and having a good understanding on what customers want, I decided to launch Prestige Photography.


At first it was tough, I faced all kinds of challenges and set backs, but with a lot of hard work, grit and determination, I continued my passion and watched the business slowly start to grow. Two years later and I'm now doing what I love for a career, Prestige Photography has lots of happy & returning customers and we are continuing to learn and grow.